It's Official: I'm Dying

Okay. Look up there. That's my ATM (automated teller machine) card. As you can see I've had it since 1996. That's 12 years. Longer than I've been married and longer than I've known most of my friends. Longer than my child's entire life by a factor of nearly two.

To use an ATM you insert your card and you type in your PIN (personal identification number). I was away from the house this weekend for Thanksgiving and I went to an ATM to get some cash. I didn't get any cash.

I have forgotten my PIN. Totally and completely. My card and account "frozen" because of too many attempts at typing a PIN.

It's been a great life and I suppose I'll miss you...'cept that I'll be dead and incapable of thoughts and feelings such as nostalgia. So it begins...I am dying. It's official.