Father of the Year

Dear Father of the Year Committee:

So, I was sitting in my car at the corner of F Street and 1st when I realized that I promised the girl that "I'd see" about ordering tickets for the High School Musical Live concert at Wolf Trap. I had promised her that "I'd see" about these tickets several weeks back when she first made me do a computer search and promise to try (I shouldn't have ever introduced her to computers).

Tickets went on sale today at noon. Yikes! I remembered that "I'd see" about those tickets at 12:17 p.m. And I wasn't anywhere near a computer. I was going to get disowned for sure.

I know that tickets to this show (September 4th 2009) would go fast since the brokers were already selling them for $500+ per. So I hopped on my iPhone right there and then; at the corner of F Street and 1st at 12:18 p.m. today.

Wolf Trap > Upcoming shows > 2009 > September > High School Musical Live > Etc. Tiny touch screen buttons, tiny screen. Sitting on the corner of F and 1st waiting to get mugged. Selected "best seats available" to save some time and effort. Had to do the whole registration thing too since I hadn't ordered anything from Wolf Trap in years (since Medeski, Martin & Wood before the famous 9/11 day). There I was typing address, email, telephone, blood type, tax returns from the last five years, and listing of every sexual partner (that portion of the form didn't take very long). And I'm actually shaking because I know I'm going to fuck something up and not get these tickets that I promised that "I'd see" about and then my child would have a great slight story for therapy in 20 years.

$314.00 later (four tickets, service charge, "print at home charge" -- yes they charge me $4.50 to print my own $300 tickets) we're going to High School Musical Live on September 4, 2009. 2009!

I know, she may not be into High School Musical in 10 months but like any investment I will be able to sell these bitches for a premium.