Polling Dialogue - Update (4)

Act One:
Poll worker: Are you ready to vote?!

Me: I've waited 43 years to vote today?

Poll worker: Huh?

Me: Never mind.

Act Two
Poll worker: Thank you for voting! Here's your sticker!

Me: Uh, thank you for working the poll. I don't need a sticker, but thanks.

Poll worker: You don't want a sticker?

Me: I know I voted. I'm not gloating or anything.

Poll worker (crestfallen): OK, are you sure? You can get free Starbucks.

Me: OK.... Sure, I'll take a sticker. But it's not for coffee.
"Here's my pollworker quote (from last week). After an hour and a half, when I get to front of line:
Pollworker: Are you here to vote?"
- Big Dave Wave

"43 years! I was so excited to vote, I voted 2 weeks ago. This will be epic. What this country has lacked in a president—probably since JFK—has been a transformative leader—that is what Barry-O embodies. OK—here comes the nerdy, psychologists in me: In business and politics, the Organizational Psychology literature shows transformative leaders are the most successful (internets says: [clicky]) Example: Steve Jobs."

- The Professor

"I feel totally off today. Hard to get focused. You wrote this a couple of days back, 'People are weird right now and not just because it's that weird day after the time change vibe. People can't eat. People can't sleep. People are tense. People are hedging bets. It's totally fucked up.'

Everyone I hear from says that one way or another. Fucking a.

- New England Dan

"Like that dude said, 'Listen to me, Tsongas: It is NEVER impossible for Democrats to fuck everything up and fail miserably.'"

- Rickey Powell