Ask Ty...November 11

It must be Tuesday, Middlespacers, because I'm answering your questions

Q: Dear Ty,
Okay. Last week was the election. The week before was the World Series.

What are we doing this week?

- Rich in Berkeley

Ty: Good question and an even better observation, Rich. What now...?

Well, Achewood's out since Chris's ass has been too busy being a celebrity than making me laugh. I don't blame or hate. I'm just selfish. I don't get my daily chuckle because dude's out doing his new thing. And it's not only that, it's just the general slipping of the little things that made the strip special and important (birthday note, Ask Ray, blogs, oh and four goddamn strips a week). I get change, Barack. I understand the pull of following your thing. I would definitely stop all the things-that-got-me-there stuff for money too [Got Mope?]. It's human nature. So, yeah, Achewood's out. It's kind of like a break-up.

Let's see. Oh, there's the Steve & Colin Show but, uh, but that probably sucks. But at least there's a new one. Indeed.

Hummm.... Mid-season football, beginning of college hoops, and the back-creeping college bowl season are all upon us (hockey?). [Ed. note: NBA intentionally left off] But that's the same old shit. Sports are kind of predictable--if not completely over--so nothing there to get the juices flowing.

I even went through all my internet bookmarks and, starting with the accumulation of political sites, weeded down to my core favorite sites (Achewood went, fivethirtyeight went, Modern Materialist went, The Hill stayed, Street Carnage stayed, Found stayed, etc.). I'm lean and I'm mean and, as illustrated here, I have actually used the time since the famous 2008 election to prepare for what's next.

Speaking of the internet, The Onion did a post-election thing too: [clicky]

I re-upped my stash of (I purchased a new supply of) argyles and a new pair of preppy canvas shoes that were on sale. I've always been this preppy so shut up. So shopping is out/done. Chinese Democracy pre-ordered and single downloaded? Check.

I'm still working, albeit not a lot of new, non-commissioned/client art-photography is getting done. And some of my sharpest writing appears in the comment section of another snarky blog. No new music is happening right now but may happen around the time we change the calendars and sing Auld Lang Syne (old lame sign). I have a couple of new projects and gigs in the works. I'm trying to work enough gigs to buy a new camera. [Ed. note: In lieu of holiday gifts, send a donation--or buy a print--to the Ty Hardaway Needs a New Camera fund] Why do I need a new camera? To make more art for you fools!

I'm definitely ready for what's next. But what are we doing this week? Heck. I don't know. This whole black president thing is kind of old news but it took it's toll. Maybe we take this week off and get back to the grind next? Maybe I will hit up the Steve & Colin show. There's plenty to read, I suppose.

This week we read. We read and we eat soup. Declared!

Start here [clicky] with the Michael Carona saga. It kind of got buried because of the very famous 2008 presidential election™. Start from the beginning. Because it's funny!

Just a guess,



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