I Like Camille Paglia

I like Camille Paglia. Actually I'd go a step farther with regard to Ms. Paglia. I have a genuine and sincere respect and admiration for Camille Paglia. I believe myself to be quite the feminist in the very best P.C. sense of late-80s Santa Cruz. She's one of those authorities on a given topic where I've given up any rights of first refusal on said topic. I default to their authority. So with feminism Camille gets the nod here and I have to agree with her.

Camille Paglia today wrote:
"I like Sarah Palin, and I've heartily enjoyed her arrival on the national stage. As a career classroom teacher, I can see how smart she is -- and quite frankly, I think the people who don't see it are the stupid ones, wrapped in the fuzzy mummy-gauze of their own worn-out partisan dogma."

- Salon, "Obama Surfs Through," 11.12.08
Camille Paglia makes a very good and astute point. In fact, I was recently considering Sarah Palin myself. Paglia writes of our liberal hypocrisy and its "sadomasochistic, anti-Palin orgy." True. We entirely laid into Governor Palin with fierce hatred and poisonous, nasty class warfare. True. The stench of the monkey-hurled feces was every bit as odious as the anti-black tar dumped on president-elect Obama. It was. I know because I participated.

But as Paglia knows deep in her heart, the people united will never be defeated. And in 2008, 66 million people fought like Karl Rove-era Republican pit bull zealots. Dirty. Vicious. Focused. And for keeps (for once). Ends all justifying the means and shit. It was a battle overdue and the venom was unleashed from eight years of failure (not just Bush's failure - but the failure of Americans to do anything about it). I do not regret playing hardball.

But yeah, how can you not just adore Governor Sarah Palin? And don't give me grief for flip-flopping on Palin. I still believe her to be a relative, if not total, lightweight on the proverbial "national stage," a whole lot under-ready to be the president, and not really that bright. If John McCain wasn't an elderly cancer survivor who could appoint two or three Supreme Court seats it wouldn't have made much difference who won the famous 2008 presidential election. But since John McCain is an elderly cancer survivor who could appoint two or three Supreme Court seats (and ran a terrible Bob Dole ass campaign), chances were relatively high that the governor would have had an important turn at the wheel. That shit scared about 65 million of us into action.

Governor Palin and her snow machine champion, Todd are...wait for it...they are America. You know it and I know it. They are The American Dream if not the American ideal. Barack is the last of the great American rags-to-riches improbable run stories. But who among us are going to Harvard Law, teach at the University of Chicago, and become a U.S. senator? President? That's great as hell but it's an improbable dream, peeps. Barack is an exception. Sarah is the norm.

The "Sarah *hearts* Todd" story is epic because it is attainable, believable, and plausible. I could be governor of Alaska. I went to more than one college and took six years to graduate. See, I can envision that moderate level of success based on similar life experiences. There's is the real American dream! God bless 'em. God love 'em. They have the great American opportunity to be huge. [Palin '12 freebee: "The Real American Dream!"]

It's over, so you can stop hating on Sarah Palin. Just pray she keeps working her magic. For Real America! I've long predicted a huge pendulum swing on the conservative-liberal continuum. Whoosh! It happened. But, mark my beliefs, the cynicism pendulum will come whooshing away from the pointy-head, elitist liberals side in about two months. The high faluting liberals will now have to defend and justify Obama with our eloquence w/ words while the 'tards we looked down upon fling their acrid monkey-hurled feces.

Still...I do likes me some Sarah Palin and hubby snow machine racer, Todd.

-------------- UPDATE --------------

From RPW:

You're wrong. Sarah and Todd were America. That's over now. Bury that bone under the doghouse, bulldoze the yard, then blow up the bulldozer. America is something different now. I'm not saying it's Obama because, yeah, when does that happen? But it's not Sarah and Todd anymore."

From Ty:

I could be wrong. It very well may be over--Sarah & Todd's run--but stick with my point vis-a-vis the never ending saga of the us vs. them America. Yet, between megachurch runnin' and TeeVee tawk show hostin' the Palins will live forever. At the moment, indeed, it is Barry's America.