Schedule Update

With Awkward winding down today, I present to you schedule update information. You're welcome.

During the World Championship Olympics I will post a hodgepodge of shit art and commentary as well as some of our regular features. Additionally, during the remainder of August, I will continue to post all photographic images in unbroken series as the Daring August Dare. As of yesterday we're 48 images in (a hundred would be pretty cool).

But once the World Championship Olympics end, it's the USA two-party convention season and the bitter, ugly tramp to our general election. I'm on it. Replacing Awkward will be the new series, Mope Squad America! for keen machine political commentary. What? I was going to get out of politics forever? No, I just needed some rest. This election will be the weirdest, most divisive, most stolen election ever. By Christmas we'll reflect on the '08 election with not-so-subtle comparisons to Zimbabwe, Serbia, and the Philippines. Change? This is the United States!

Here's what the autumn schedule looks like:
Sunday - Sunday Worship
Monday - Mope Squad America!
Tuesday - Ask Ty
Wednesday - Mope Squad America!
Thursday - Video Web Log
Friday - Mope Squad America!
Saturday -Saturday Workshop
Additionally, I hope to gain some further traction on and finish the new album tentatively titled Security Theater. I plan to continue contributions to 02100 as well as numerous projects in process (including Father of the Year, and etc.).

So there you go.