Dispatch from Big Dave Wave in Afghanistan

Dave's in Hell, Post One
Day 10
Herat, Afghanistan.

Hey Ty. What's up, Mope?

The weather's been beautiful the past few days. Mild, not too dry (well, if you consider 34 Celsius to be mild). Going up to 38 this weekend. Okay, dry as hell, dude. Help me!

Today we all gathered around the satellite radio to listen to O'Biden's big speech. Boy were there big cheers when we heard that line about McCain not following Bin Laden in to his cave.

The days are long, the nights longer. But there's always the hope that tomorrow will bring victory, and Sarge says the company that roots that bastard out of his cave first gets five nights leave in Dubai.

Well, gotta go, the battery is dying on my iPhone. We're en route to Jalalkot tonight.

God Bless America.