Open for Productivity Season

My old homie, Nathan of Portland, Oregon asked me "What's up bro? What kind of art are you into [now]?" I realized I forgot my rehearsed and polished answer that Lily and Rich taught me. I said something lame I'm sure. But it gets me back into the appropriate mindset for the downhill ride to the winter dark. Always the most productive time of the year.

So where'd we leave off before our luxurious summer break?

Oh yeah, some nonsense about publishing all photos in sequence (that was a desperate proposition of a dare which was bound to fail, but 13 days was better than we predicted). Also, we left off mid-month with the idea publishing to a schedule. That may or may not still take. We'll see. And there was some wacky talk about political conventions and other lame ass stuff.

We killed "Always Awkward" and opened "Mope Squad" (so much to say there). We joined Facebook to mixed reviews and purely self-serving motivations. And apparently I started calling myself "we" for some weird damn reason. WTF? We am stupid.

Sistine lost her hard drive and over a year's work. Back that shit up, people! But she continues to amaze me with her photographs. The B went back to school and Cass will too.

Rich continues to poke, prod, and challenge me to make better work. And Big Dave Wave has shipped off to Afghanistan for another tour of duty. Hat's off to you, brave warrior. America honors you.

I have no idea where Mark disappeared to and Lily is Lily (which is good. Really. I'm serious!).

I'm six and a half minutes into a new audio piece called, for now, "Security Theater." It's complicated (read into that what you want). I posted a couple of pictures of stuff (like mushrooms). And I have two major photo projects I've played around with that I'd like to execute:
Father of The Year
Signs of the Times
Problem is I need PA support for each of those, so we'll see how far we get. I'm confident that progress will be made even though I have not one penny to pay a PA.

The Olympics were cool as hell. My dead uncle fucking LOVED the Olympics. All of it. There wasn't an event he wasn't 100% devoted to in the entire games. Hammer throw? All over it. Track bicycling? Hell yes! He even clearly divided the Olympic events into two neat categories: The White Olympics and the Black Olympics. In fact, the Olympics were so cool that the B insists we go to London in 2012 (even though China will take them back and Jerry Hsu will have to save us from our Martian doom). It's a go.

Other than that it's a been all sitting around eating caramel popcorn.

We'll see where this goes.