Politics: Free Advice

So the first piece of Free Advice I gave to the democrats went unheeded. I implored them to hold their 2008 national nominating convention in New Orleans. That would have been highly symbolic and shit. But for some dumb reason they chose Denver. Denver?! Duh. Maybe democrats like omelettes.

Well, I also sent some Free Advice to the Obama people. This time it payed off. I told them to start branding McCain as old with the following three phrases (of course they could have come up with that on their own, but I'm taking all the credit):
Same Old Politics
Same Old Policies
Same Old-Same Old
Now let's see if they start calling the republican candidate John "No Change" McCain (oh, apparently everyone's using that one too, but I'm taking all the credit).

At least they followed Rich's Free Advice about having the Convention Rally in Mile High stadium.