My One and Only Uncle I Referenced to Sean-Doyle

My junky uncle. Maybe half-uncle (different father than my dad). I found the picture. But I've already written about him:

JW King - This is my famous only uncle. JW. Joe Willis. Jason. Whatever. I called him, "Uncle." Brilliant man. Very smart and very kind. I owe him my intellectual curiosity. I owe him my cynicism. I fucking LOVED that man to death. Fucking bad genetic luck, though. He had the addiction gene. Got it from his father. Heroin. Crack. You name it. But gentle as a kitten. Died in his early fifties on the couch of my dad's house. My dad who was often hating on his little brother had recently taken him in from homelessness. He didn't want his brother to die on the streets. Massive heart explosion. Died right there on the floor. Fuck! I'm crying right now I miss him so. And yes, all the King's are dead now.

From I've Always Been This Awkward - Six