Dumb Luck Banjo Hobo

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Back in the 80's in Boulder there was a bluegrass band called Hot Rize. They were great...internationally known. In the late 80's a United flight skidded off the runway in Denver and did a few cartwheels before bursting into flames. A bunch of people were injured or killed. The banjo player from Hot Rize was on the plane. He had checked his banjo. He escaped the crash uninjured. His banjo had a broken neck. Dumb luck on his part.
Ty, Bruised Orange show in Berkeley (sound check), April 2006 photo by Sistine [clicky]

Ty, Ithaca, NY, June 2009 photo by Ty

Bonus: 1996 The Zone basement: [clicky]
Special thanks to Ithaca Guitar Works