There is an overwhelming relief and satisfaction that comes when a metaphoric hurdle is successfully jumped. But not unlike having a Significant Birthday, "change" isn't always immediately evident. At some juncture, you simply understand that the levels have changed, the rules are different, and you have fewer unanswered questions. No build-up, no let-down.


There is difference. A weight lifted; air again breathable. Senses reset if not sharpened. There is difference.

And since I have already mourned the passing of milestones in time and experience I cannot and will not be responsible for remnants in the wake. You sink - you swim. Momentum nudges us forward without our input.

So I'm claiming that it's nine-tenths figured, without anger, sorrow, or lament. Just clarity, peace, and no pretense of authenticity. Simple and zen. What it is.

Maybe there is satisfaction in our existence when we begin to take all the advice we've given to everybody else.