Chapters & Themes : Focus & Structure

"I like the chapters idea, going from one theme to another. But: here are my thoughts. Are there significant differences between the different blogs, or are you making these changes in search of something that is missing in this medium that you may not find at all? Is starting a new blog in search of this missing element and greater structure (for I think it is a lack of structure that caused the move from middlespace to AKD) going to make a difference?

What if these moves are too incremental on the same plane (counting by ones) when what you need is more of an exponential jump (counting by 10s) to a different one? Also, and this is more of an obvious point that you already are aware of, and are playing around with, but isn't blogging about quitting the internet like an alcoholic sitting around the bar, sharing a beer with his buddies, telling them how he quit drinking? Not that I think you should actually quit anything. But to me, it's like realizing you're dreaming, and then worrying about who's going to feed your fish when you wake up."


Good question.... It's less about quitting than it is about focus and structure. Narrowing and honing. Ungluing. Unstructuring. I really don't care if it makes a difference. I don't care if I ever find what I'm searching for. I just don't want to stop the search. I'm like O.J. searching for the real killers.