Invincible & Legendary: What I Am Now Learning


People often ask and people often wonder as they do, what is the so-called secret to living a life worthwhile and a life fulfilled? I guess the question distilled is: how does one live a life where one savors the present, cannot wait for the next day, and where one sleeps soundly?

What I am now learning is that by surrounding yourself with people of intelligence, integrity, honor, and aesthetic you become part of a thing where the majority of the interactions are thoughtful, meaningful, and you are constantly nudged to be and do better. Whatever your medium or passion, you will be pushed and pulled toward producing to the best of your ability.

That's all...for starters.

Find the right mix or combination--balance--in your life, and you will become invincible and legendary as you will then be living in your own customized world. That's the only goal imaginable for me.

Find peace. Let stuff go.

Invincible & legendary.