Story Behind 2551

The cat opened this closet door. He's fond on opening these folding-type doors now. He bats his catnip mice under the door then opens it up just because he can. He can open this one and the one upstairs. At will.

What's funny is I once knew a woman (a black woman) who didn't like cats. In fact she was scared the hell of cats. She hated cats. Her contention was that 1) cats "steal your breath" and, 2) cats "open doors" so they can "sneak in on you" and "steal your breath."

Apparently this is a superstition among many black people, particularly southern and lower-SES blacks. And before I'm labeled "racist" or something, keep in mind that my cat, Max, is black.

Of course, I totally poo-pooed her contentions. OK, I ridiculed her contentions. But, shit, if she wasn't right. Cats can open doors. I better watch my breath.

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