Berwyn Heights Mayor Follow-up 2

So, remember that whole thing I introduced about the 32-pound box of marijuana and the police raid of the mayor of Berwyn Heights home where they killed the dogs [clicky]?

Well, get this (and guess what?):
Pr. George's Police Arrest 2 In Marijuana-Shipping Plot
One Package Went to Mayor's Wife

"Prince George's County police announced yesterday that they have arrested a deliveryman and another man who they say are involved in a scheme to smuggle marijuana by shipping packages addressed to unsuspecting recipients, including a delivery last week to the wife of the mayor of Berwyn Heights.

"Police said the package was one of about a half-dozen retrieved by authorities in the past week along the route of a deliveryman in northern Prince George's. The packages contained a combined 417 pounds of marijuana valued at about $3.6 million."

Please note the names of the Sherrif and the PG County Police Chief in article.

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