August: #2552 - Ghost #44

This was Apple Seed. Apple Seed sold "a selection of chic and stylish maternity clothing for the trendy and fashionable mom-to-be" and "baby designer labels." It all looked like really great stuff for trendy and fashionable and rich suburban moms. Mostly buttoned-up and conservative apparel--not my style (or anyone I know)--but it all looked quite nice. Maybe it even had a low carbon footprint or something.

Just this past weekend we were walking by and a voice said to me right in my left ear-hole, "There's no way this can stay open in this economy." Cursed! Three days later it was ghosted to an "internet shopping" boutique of "Stylish Maternity Clothes." As you can see they even took their letters.

At least with the purchase of an $899 Bugaboo stroller (yes, they have gear too) 'Seed offers free shipping. Who says our economy is in the toilet?

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