Journalism 101: Same Event - Two Views

NBA All-Star Weekend

Bill Simmons

“Undaunted, I stormed off and tore down the Strip, reaching my destination within 20 minutes and only feeling scared 347 times. As I headed up to my room to change, I had an epiphany. Wait, I don't have to make that walk again. I can just stay here and gamble. Which was exactly what happened. So what if I missed a fantastic night at Pure that featured approximately 700 funny stories (none of which can be printed here)? I got to play blackjack with some complete strangers!” [more, go clicky]

Scoop Jackson

“Inside the Venetian Hotel there was a crowd outside of Nike Town, waiting for Tony Parker and Kobe Bryant. I've been chosen to host a Q&A event with them and the Original Air Force 1 six (Michael Cooper, Mychal Thompson, Calvin Natt, Moses Malone, Bobby Jones and Jamaal "Cornbread" Wilkes). Although I have a certain love for both Tony (who is my cousin through marriage) and Kobe (because he's Kobe), sitting on stage with six of the players who helped change the game was one of the special moments of not only the weekend but a career.” [more, go clicky]