The Beard Deal

It's gone. The experiment is over. Not that it was a formal experiment with a control group and random assignment, but it's done. For now, anyway.

What happened? It's too much work. Normally, I shave then shave again when I either have to or it just feels like it's time. So, usually every seven to 10 days.

But, I tried the beard. I even did a little sculpting (even it out here and here...and here and here...and here...). It was the sculpting, obviously, that was the deal killer. I'm not the grooming type. More precisely, I'm not the maintenance type. God knows I could never keep a goatee or soul patch or mustache (full disclosure: I had a killer mustache from, say '83-'88, seriously).

Shave. 10 days later shave again. All off. Done. No consideration.

I think the beard forced me to focus way too much attention on myself and my face. Too many people asking about. Providing their opinions about it. Looking at me. Go away, people. Stop looking at me (but, LOOK AT ME!).

Anyway, that's it for now. Bye-bye face hair. I may try again (because the B tells me to), but it won't be sculpted at all. I'll look more mechanical engineer than Justin Timberlake.