The Swagger

As I see it, there are two kinds of people: those that absolutely LOVE when I see the omens and get "the swagger" going. Then there are you that are all like, "Oh no, he's got The Swagger lay low and wait for it to blow (over)." You HATE it (and that makes you a hater, gator). And, I really don't hate you back either. Because I'm all love.

I guess there's a third type too. And, you're asking, "Er, what's the swagger?" as you pick your nose with your dirty ass fingernails. You voted for Rickey Santorum.

The Swagger is when I know that the shit's about to come/go down and the ART is going to flow for a good while. The paradigms change.

And with the swagger:
- The cream rose to the top
- The beaches eroded
- Collective minds and hearts were changed and broken
- The ride got really fine
- The set lists got tossed
- The guru opened up shop and decided to stay a while
- Only children said, "So!"
- The cell phones stopped ringing
Fortunately, the swagger only lasts for short, serious, and extremely intense periods. We wouldn't want me to die, right?