"Nigger" Revisited

Sure, there have been a lot of "op-ed" pieces and assorted other mainstream and alt-news articles on this whole Michael Richards nigger thing.

I am finally finding words (in print) that gel with my thinking, such as:

John Ridley's (LA Times) - There's no use banning the dreaded N-word, an expression no one should truly fear

"The solution to the "nigger" question is to blunt the weapon before it can be used, as gays have done with "queer" and women with "bitch." Aikido the word; turn it against your enemies. To do otherwise merely strengthens every bigot, every racist, every hate-monger, every closeted race-baiter (and has anyone discussed the irony of Trent Lott becoming the Senate minority whip?), every failed-actor-turned-comedian who wants to lash out and wound and bring low a black individual."

D-fucking-uh! I've been saying that forever. We all need to cease being so frightened by the boogiemen. Next thing you know Scrabble (tm) will be banned because one might form the word "chink" or something.

Go away, all of you.

[Note: And, like Paul Mooney could refrain from saying nigger for more than like 80 seconds]