Make Way for Chester

I'm actually impressed with the giant nuts of the republicans in the senate. I am even more impressed, however, with one Chester "Trent" Lott. Given up for politically dead, he picks his moment and rises - if not from said dead - to the MF-in' occasion!

Everybody. Everyone. Everywhere. Give it up for Chester!

Here's what I admire: Chester could've simply rode it out. He's been in the Senate since forever (well, since 1973); house for a generation, senate for a generation. He was head dogg in the senate until that, uh, thing, er, about Jesse (not Jackson, yo). But, he could have rode the pine into eternity. But, he didn't and I have to love him to death about that.

After winning his seat with 64% of the Mississippi vote, Trent felt golden, I suppose. So he let 'em know that he intended to be the big man again (this time Minority Whip).

This development may not be something you liberals "like." But it's something you just gotta "love." Love it! Dammit, love it! Balls of insanity. Ramp the insanity!