Attic Day

On 11/20/06, Rich wrote:

Upcoming Reminder

December 3 is Attic Day.

It took me a moment to remember the significance of these two hardwired and very familiar words: "Attic Day." Instinctively, I knew. But, as is typical nowadays, it took a moment to recall in all clarity.

Yes, we do all periodically need to crack open that laddered door and take secret and not so secret peeks at some of that shit. Now that it's not so hot up there and not so cold, we can comfortably look around and figure some shit out.

What is Attic Day? It's a time to look around at all the little boxes and cubes that our lives have become and remind ourselves that the contents contain all the parts that create the sum and the little time capsule treasures planted long ago. Future gifts, anyone? If I have a million future gifts spread all over the place I've probably forgotten 990,000. The attic. The external drive. The couch cushions.