I'm John Kerry - Disposable Grunt

"I'm John Kerry and I'm reporting for duty."
- John Kerry, Democrat National Convention, 2004

Thanks a lot, John Kerry. I tried so hard to figure if the whole "gaffe" thing wasn't completely created to take the republicans away from their surprises and their talking points. But, that's just not plausible anymore. The democrats are just plain retarded. John Kerry would have to wear a helmet in the back of the shortest bus ever just to keep from maiming himself. He wears Depends (tm).

Why would I even try to figure they were using such clever strategy? Well, what did he say? He said, in essence, if don't get an education your only path to even the most meager opportunity lies in such institutions as the military. Was this an insult to the military? Yes, in a kind of trumped up talking-point kind of way. But, also no. File under "Duh!" but everybody already knows this. Rich people know this. Poor people know this. Fact is fact, ese. So that means, "hey poor people, vote against the republicans and their policies that will send your children into the slaughter."

The disposable grunts are, for the most part, poor kids trying to better themselves. That lure of "money-for-college" sure sounds good during peace time. But, come action and mandatory re-ups, it kind of just sucks ass. College? Ha! The only beer-bonging you'll be doing is at Walter Reed Army hospital rehab using your one good foot because your arms and that other leg were blown off, son. Then what? Uh, your Veteran's benefits are being scaled back...thanks a lot USofA. Like the poorest of the poor will vote. I'll be giving pocket change to these poor heroes on street corners soon.

So, yeah, I was sorta trying to think this through. Maybe John Kerry was being used as some sort of sophisticated attack dog. [OK, that just make me laugh until I coughed]. But, as it falls out and falls apart, it appears to be simple dumbness.

John Kerry went out on his own and fucked everything up. Again. So, in hindsight, it's probably pretty damn good he wasn't elected president of the United States because he is obviously much dumber than George W. Bush. We'd probably all be speaking a form of Chinese-Arabic by now.

Maybe Teresa's a republican and John Kerry is her personal disposable grunt.

Balls of insanity. John Kerry hates America. And if you're still keeping score in this rout, add another point to the republican tally. And remember kids, "Together we can do better." Keep chanting this. Let it be your mantra.