Okay, it’s almost December and it’s been somewhat of an ill year for music. Ill good or ill bad, I’m not telling. Usually around this time I start waxing about some “record of the year” bullshit.

Yes, The Roots “Game Theory” blew doors (that means it’s good), and TV on the Radio’s “Return to Cookie Mountain” was dezope (that means it’s good). Ghostface Killa? Genius, but lacking (that means it’s good).

Beck? Eh, the information? G.Love? Whatever-ade. Bob Dylan’s “Modern Times” was just fine. Good things to listen to, sure. Kevin Federline? Hard to explain the allure I have for Kevin, natch. fl oh no! I’ll never do that again.

Loved Cat Power's "The Greatest" - was that even this year?

[insert drum roll here]

Cue: “Wamp Wamp (What It Do).” Yep. No! No! No! The late entry, the November entry fucking everything up! I bet you ain’t never heard of no fucking Clipse either. No!

“Hell Hath No Fury” just might be the album of the year. No! No! Hello New New World. No! No! Look out world I’m on my way.

Easily the best production (Neptunes – Chad Hugo, duh); better sonic properties than Cookie Mountain (close, but less portentous). Better sonic properties than “Fishscale” (no silly-ass self-important skits) No! No! Say it ain’t so, nigga!

Best album cover by a mile too. Overall, the realest, meanest, smartest, most geniusest, streetest shit in a while. I’m feeling the same gut knots that “Straight Out Of Compton” gave me way back in the day. But, this production is…over the line. Good rhyme, good flow, good package. Re-ups, yo!

Of course, I’ve only listened to the record twice (and I love “Night in the Ruts” so who am I?).

Perhaps it is the album of the year. But, there's a month left, right?