And, Here’s My Problem

I was asked if I was excited this morning. My first reaction was, “Well, no. There’s still this bogus war, the president is still a mope, the vice president is still evil, there are two senate races still in play, and I have little confidence in the democrats running shit in an organized, responsible fashion.” Not what people were expecting from me this morning.

Excited? Sure. Yea, excited. Right. I am wearing my “In a Blue State of Mind” shirt this morning.

And, here’s my problem: Now is not a time for celebration. Responsible democrats would have had a muted celebratory message – unified:

“This is not a time for hubris. This is a time to instill confidence in people all over the world that the United States government is a serious, intelligent, responsible and representative body that acts in the fiscal and social best interest of all Americans.”

Period. Wry grin at best. No dancing, no confetti. No champagne. Muted.

This is not a time for hubris, or (overt) payback (I say “overt” since that shit is due, my friends). But hubris? We have no time for hubris. Impeachment? No. Not yet anyway.

“We have to work very hard to responsibly resolve the war that George W. Bush and Dick Cheney started. We expect the president and the vice president to work with us to do just that.”

Here’s where we cut a deal. George and Dick comply and they escape articles of impeachment, they step out of line, we start that fucked-up process again. Why hold off on impeachment? It’s only payback and 1) we need to move forward as a people, 2) There’s way too much repair to complete, and 3) The democrats need to focus on their shit first. Bush & Cheney…forget them. This is an opportunity for the dems, maybe a last opportunity because the republican machine isn’t shutting off anytime soon. It’s refueling. If the dems don’t get their act together quickly and consistently, the pendulum will swing back – hard and ’08 will be pure fantasy for them.

In fact, I’m willing to come back after some tough love. Show me SOMETHING, ANYTHING and I will come back for the ’08 primary. ANYTHING!

Excited about last night? For sending to these louts to the dugout, Santorum, Pombo, Kitty, Burns & Allen, Ehrlich, Steele, DeWine, Chafee, Talent, and the rest of that dangerous gang, I applaud America.

We welcome Deval Patrick, Bob Casey, Sheldon Whitehouse, Mike O’Malley, Ben, Cardin, and obviously others, to the big stage.

With power comes responsibility. Don't be dicks.