Salt Lake City - West Regional

So a good friend of mine had to go to Ghana and he asked me to do him a solid. He had tickets to the NCAA tournament west regional in Salt Lake City. Same friend I went to last year's Final Four with (oh, did I mention that I went to the Final Four last year?). Dude loves him some top-tier sporting events. And I love being his friend.

Marty put the SLC regional tickets up for sale on StubHub or something and asked me to pop 'em into the FedEx box once they sold. He would send me the address label via the emailings. My job was easy.

Well the tickets never sold and here's what happened at last night's SLC regional:
#5 seed Butler dumped #1 seed Syracuse in the first game.

And 2-seed Kansas State survived a double-overtime challenge from #6 Xavier in the second.
Oh my. What a night for some hope-age! And here the tickets sit...on my kitchen table. I still have the tickets for Saturday's game. #5 Butler and #2 Kansas State. You want 'em, I'll ship 'em today.