A Cake for Doris (on a Headphone Friday)

Whether or not we like it, people will have an effect on us. We have no control over these things. We may forget certain things about a person or the things we did with a person but once a person becomes a real part of our lives we are that person too. We carry that person around forever.

And if we have any sort of luck or fortune or karma in this shit, the majority of these influences will be positive. Or at least illustrative. Or something that doesn't cause misery or hand-shyness. Things to learn from. Things to want to remember. Things to pass along. We miss them but there's nothing we can do about it other than find little ways to honor them and behave in a manner that wouldn't embarrass them.

So, yeah, why all the people-effect-us-stuff today? is one of my two big mourning days of the year. Don't pity me because I don't pity myself. Death is part of the deal, you know? We all "lose" people ("lose" is just another in a sorry ass line of sugar coated euphemism for dead) but are they really lost? We remember them. We remember our dead whether we want to or not. We have no control over these things. Long live the dead, right?

And if the person was is of profound influence memories become both heartbreaking and celebratory. This year is all celebration because I have nothing to be heartbroken about (time took care of that). So this year is all Smiles. Laughs. Cake. Music.

Sometimes that's enough.