Ask Ty...March 3 [The Internet Etiquette Question]

It must be Tuesday Wednesday, Middlespace Cadets, because I'm answering your questions
Q: Dear Ty,

If you like what someone says on the Internet and use the "FTW" meaning "For The Win" is the opposite true?

Can I shit on what someone said by saying "FTL" meaning "For The Loss"?

Ty: Good question and an even better observation, Paulzy. Yes, "FTW" has been the go-to top-tier compliment on the Interwebs for some time now; for at least two whole years. In fact, I believe my grandmother uses it now...on heaven.

There are FTW variants such as "FTMFW" and "FTATW" and "3-2-1 FTW!" All good. All old. Stale like Subway's bread at 5:30 in the afternoon.

Unfortunately, Paulzie, ""FTL" meaning "For the Loss"" has never gained the popularity of FTW. I don't know why, perhaps the FTL meme was played-out by the time the kids even started using FTL. Played like flying toasters on a "screen saver." You remember. It was over before it begun.

But to the foundational crux of your question, Paulzie, what is a good way to "shit on" someone on the intertubes nowadays; what is the top-tier, A-list, contemporary interweb diss?

Let's see, looking around, here are a couple to try:
There's the classic long Web log post comment diss: tldr (too long, didn't read) but that's getting old too.

There's the anon hipster end-all diss: You suck! (like I said, classic!). "You suck!" never goes out of style.

The copy cat landmine hipster end-all diss: I'm so sorry you suck. Makes the author defensive. Not very funny though. More sardonic than anything.

The late night princess phone goodbye: No you hang up first. "No YOU!"

The wayback machine diss: I thought Yahoo! took Geocities down, my bad.

The snarky judgment I: FAIL!

The snarky judgment II: This was almost funny. Definitely not a compliment.

The passive-aggressive racist: So typical ghetto people. Oh, there's much more racist too.

The Epic Beard Man: I told you not to fuck with me!

The sarcastic Borat®: High five!

The computer tweeker threat-diss: I know where you live.

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See, you can say just about any damn thing on the Interfaithwebs you want. So, sure, "FTL" is fine. It ain't necessarily snarky, but it's acceptable (if you're over 50 I suppose). Put it this way, I wouldn't use it. But I'm sure someone out there is still typewriting "LOL" or "lulz" or "LMAO" and stuff. I bet people still typing that stuff are still calling it The Facebook and The Google, amirite?

Tell you what. Since this post was so goddamn shitty you too can have at it in the comment section and we can group-school Paulzie on The Internet Diss Etiquettes.

Just a guess,