The Otter Prince

DJ Rev. Richey Scratchy

Rickey Retard, brother of Todd Retard

Dickie Luther Powell

Rickey Powell (Berkeley)

Happy birthday, suckkah. Thanks for being partners in this game for 14 years. If we had a baby back then, it would be a retarded Swiss cat teenager by now.

A short story of sorts:
Ty: "Why is it we always think Rickey's birthday is on the 3rd?"
Wife: "We?! It's on the 4th. I've always known that."
Ty: "Well it's on the calendar as the 3rd."
Wife: "Because you put it on the calendar on the 3rd every year."
Ty: "Weird, I wonder why I do that."
Wife: "I just thought it was one of your 'things'." [finger quotes on "things"]
Doy, click those pictures, people! Don't you even get a thing by now? And while you're clicking on your mouse pads, click:
Otter Meat
Middlespace Sounds