Green vs. Black & Gray

Ty: Green ain't my color, yo.

Laura: I had to fight with Joe this morning to get him to wear green, and I am in black and gray

Ty: Twinsies with the black & the gray! I suggested my Irish-named daughter (named after her Irish grandmother) wear green (she said she would if she could wear shorts); a negotiation. But I swear I'm in black & gray too.

Laura: I did put on a necklace that could be considered green, but not really. And, i'm not pulling the green underwear card either...

Ty: Ha! I randomly pulled out green underwear (boxer-briefs, doy) and PUT THEM BACK! I'm that much of a jerk. I put my green undies back so I no one would say, "Heh, you pulling the green underwear card?"