Dammit! A Rambling Conversation About Crossroads

Dammit! I've never liked saying that I am an artist. I've always blanched at that (if "blanched" is even the right term for such rejection). It felt too pretentious and inauthentic. My work was just what I did, not a label. But something is different of late.

It's kind of a crossroads time again. It's been brewing for a long while, but it's nearing a time for action. A crossroads. Of sorts. And, action!

Aesthetic refinement. Work decisions. Things that bug me. Comfort. At some point I'll have to discuss anxieties, perhaps.

I know people who have expressed their anxieties and I look at their glorious existences and wonder, what gives? Then I look at my glorious existence and wonder, what gives?

I think I'm going to explore the nonprofit (not-for-profit) sector. Micro sectors. I think I can lend a hand.


Had to kill off Chapter 3. Oh well. That happens. Look at Chapter 2, right? But, looking back at the "The Deal with Chapter 2 & Chapter 3" posting, I am struck by the fact that I have, on one hand, begun to hone in on something, but, on the other hand, I don't know what that something is nor have I honed enough. Obviously. So we try again with a new chapter. Life's like that.

I've been offered to the opportunity to participate in new group/joint projects. Sheesh! Am I ready for that? Can I do that? We'll see.

We'll see. I think I'll watch interviews with/about Heinz Peter Knes and Walter Pfeiffer to see if they offer any inspiration/direction because I just have to get better at this gig. Pfeiffer has it down. Also see Stefan Klenke video [clicky]. I'm feeling better now.

It's funny. When I feel that - absurdly - I'm getting too old for this gig, I read stuff like this: [clicky]. Then I remember that I can still do things; anything. In fact, I just had an idea for a new, quick project. I'll email some associates about it now....

There. Okay, I just added a new project. Wait! WTF? Will I ever learn?!

Dammit! I am an artist...documenting our time.