Elegiac Undertow That Stops All Forward Progress (B4/C4/P30)

"The interesting thing here... and I'm waiting to see some American linguist write on it... is the use of the word "bitter." If he had said "frustrated," nobody would disagree. Bitter has a sad-sack, defeatist connotation... not to say that men of the Rust Belt aren't bitter. But then, they're so fucking stupid that they keep voting for presidents based on "values" issues... and the Republicans take those votes and laugh all the way to their hedge fund managers. These dopes brought their misery upon themselves.

So John Kerry wanted Swiss cheese on his cheese steak... the guy's fucking rich but actually cares about regular people. But blue collars are so intimidated by intellect and sophistication... it's like when ghetto blacks criticize black kids who do well in school and say they're "acting white." Since when has being smart and cultured been disrespected in this country?"