Ask Ty...April 16

Q: Yo, Ty. Where's the rants?!

- S Miller, Acheson, Kansas

Ty: Good question and an even better observation, S.

Rants, huh? Rants. Politics? The bitter and the elite, unemployment and the economy, the Clintons and the McCains? Sure there is plenty to rant at or rant about but I haven't really worked up the steam in a long while. Maybe there is a peace. Perhaps a void.

Let's see, Bill Cosby is "troubled by the...apparent weakness of the generation following" in the wake of the civil rights movement. The pope (happy birthday pope) is "ashamed" of the so-called "abuse scandals." Virginia Tech university commemorates an anniversary. There's plenty. I'll give you three, though, for old time's sake. Okay?
Rant #1: What kind of name is "S"? Or are you just going by "S"? "S." Is it pronounced "Ess" or "Sssss"? If you have a real first name then why didn't you just type that? I'm not going to steal your identity or anything. If you're providing a first initial, where's the period? Maybe "S" is all they could come up with in the blue collar towne of Acheson. You live in Acheson? Are you bitter about it yet like Barry Oh!® said?
Rants...uh, rants. Lakers won the west. That's good but not rant-worthy. Raconteurs? Great...nothing to really rant about though. Hummm....
Rant #2: By a vote of 7-2, the United States Supreme Court has just (just!) upheld the three-drug lethal injection protocol. Well, I do not support state-sponsored killing, but give me a break. We're going to not kill people because it might hurt them while you're killing them? Hello? You're killing them! Maybe, just maybe, we should start not killing people because it's morally reprehensible to kill people! Glad I paid my taxes. Between Iraq, Afghanistan, and state-sponsored murder all I can say is god bless the USA.
How's that?
Rant #3: You know...I don't have anything else for you here. It's it. I'm all ranted out. So, there you have it. I haven't ranted about anything because there's nothing. The Washington Nationals suck though. But why would I bother? Plastic and the internal combustion engine? Killers (like the USA) but we can't really live without them anymore (like the USA). All ranted out.

Why are you bothering me with this whole rant bullshit anyway? Leave me alone.
Maybe there is a peace. Perhaps a void.

Just a guess,