Ask Ty...April 23

Q: Really? This thing isn't over yet?

- Annoyed & Bored in California (ABC)

Ty: Good question and an even better answer, ABC.

As Wonkette posted, "No Blowout - No Peace." [Deep sighing breadth]... No shit, huh? To sum: Hill-Rawd is out of money, still behind, still 20 points behind Hopey nationally, but her Pennsylvania win keeps her in the race. Fawk! Kill me now! I'm so OVER it, dude. Her win - or his loss - does nothing to end this campaign purgatory.

Why do we need government anyhow or anymore? What exactly is the federal government doing for me? Laws, rules, prisons, highways, death sentences, taxes, wars, jobs, wiretapping, Guantanamo, and the F-22.

Nobody cares anymore or anyhow? I only checked the results to see if it was OVER. And it ain't. I'm glad I couldn't vote in the primary (unaffiliated to party voter that I am) because I don't feel compelled or guilty to take any side in this nonsense.

And, as for Bill Clinton: Shut up!

Annoyed and bored? No shit, dude!

Just a guess.