Ask Ty...April 7

Q: Please answer the following questions:
Who wins the Final Four (UCLA or North Carolina)?

Who wins the presidential election?

And finally given the state of the world (i.e. end of oil, global warming and defcon five level corruption) what influence can art have in saving the world, or saving humans from humans?

On a lighter note with technology changing at such a rapid rate, what's the next "medium" to change the face of art?

How will Bill Gates be remembered in 50 years?

- #88, California

Ty: Good questions and even better observations. Here are your answers:

John "No Change" McCain

Art cannot save the world nor save humans from humans. Humans will destroy the world and each other. Art is frosting on shit, my friend. It's what's left when we tire of all that is too significant to bear. What might remain - geologically - will show the roaches and aliens what we humans found to be important, what were our targets of cynicism, and how we destroyed ourselves. Perhaps we can leave a record. Art is fun, art can communicate, art can inform, art can madden. But save? Nope. (See: Banksy)

The medium to change art will be the permanent things. Stone, glass, concrete, non-oxidizing metals. All the electronic, printed, and fancy installed pieces will vanish very quickly. The moral is: get what you can while the getting is good (or something like that).

Who is Bill Gates?
Just guesses (so no wagering).