Yes, THAT Kind of Kook (Part II)


It's me. Confirmed. On Christmas.

Here's how I know I'm that geek, based on the gifts I received for Christmas.

- Two Chris Ware books. Check and check.
- Pocket copy of the US Constitution. Check. Oh snap!
- T-shirt bashing Bush (based on Mastercard "Priceless" theme). Check.
- 1 gigabyte SD card. Check.
- Digital tire pressure monitor. Check.
- Cranium board game. Oh god, check!
- New Yorker re-subscription. Check.

Cognitive enhancement. "Sorry officer, it says here in this copy of the constitution that you cannot ask me that.... Ouch! Hey, you can't do...."

Yep. I'm that guy, hi. Not that I'm complaining (well...Cranium?!). Oh, damn!