Oh, One of THOSE Kooks

So I realized it this morning. I'm going to be one of those kooks (or, have become one).

Here's the short version: Cognitive Enhancement. That is, simple and persistent exercises that keep the mind sharp. Like, listening to music while working. Like doing things with the non-dominant hand. I do a million of these things all the time.

So, I read about a couple of other exercises. And, I did them.

I showered (and shaved) in the dark. Yep.

I brushed my teeth with my left hand. Yep.

So, I'm brushing my teeth - all awkward and jerky - and I dripped some toothpaste on my sweatshirt. I looked up and caught my eye in the mirror and realized, Oh, I'm One of THOSE Kooks!

You know the kind. Ratty hair. Stains on their clothes. Nasty ass teeth. Uneven shave. Listening to two songs at once (you know, for each side of the brain). I get it. Cognitive Enhancement.