Addiction and Memory

Addiction: I'm guessing this will be short lived. I mean, I do know myself pretty well (although someone described me as a "spaz" this morning). Anyway, I've been pretty hooked on Oasis for about a week. Mostly the two big records, "(What's The Story) Morning Glory" and "Definitely Maybe."

I know, why? Well when they were big, I resisted any mention of them. I was doing my own music thing at the time. But, now, plus 10 or 12 years, I realized that they made some serious (derivative) power pop. Well constructed, loud, guitary, and with a definite swagger. Key term, "swagger."

Memory: Or lack of memory. Sometimes I actually forget how hugely bad-ass I am. Funny that one could forget such a thing. Key term, "swagger."

[note: perhaps the only badder-ass character is the B]