Annoy A Liberal


So, during my 10-hour drive from Maryland to Connecticut, through insance traffic, the Jersey Turnpike, the GSP, and the Merritt Parkway, I noticed several cars with this goofy ass bumper sticker:

And there was a variant or two as well, like, "Annoy A Liberal - Work Hard and Smile," and "Annoy A Liberal: Work, Succeed, and Be Happy." I am certain there is the "Annoy A Liberal...Worship Jesus" or some dumbness like that.

The funniest thing is these stickers were on the shittiest, beater, barely-functioning automobiles on the highway. You know, 1984 Chevy conversion van with under-inflated tires, greasy windows, and the sketchy kook at the wheel. There was also the vintage 1990 Nissan Sentra with coat hanger antenna, mis-colored fender, and duct tape window seal. Standard issue minivan. You know, the kind of car we all laugh at. The kind of car so smoky you have to press the "Recirc" button so you don't asphyxiate when you drive behind it (but is so funny you kind of like the show).

I'm glad these dirt poor stewards of American culture are working so hard, and are so happy. Good for 'em! They look to me to be a bit, er, uptight, depressed, and barely functioning. But, their campaign to annoy liberals is making some sticker making liberal pretty rich, I'm sure (maybe I'll start selling the Jesus one).

I'm pretty happy they have these stupid stickers. Proves my point and makes me laugh.