In Dreams...

So in this dream a couple of night ago, maybe it was Friday, a colleague of mine walks into my office (at work, doye). I’m pretty happy to see her. We’re not quite friends but are more than colleagues. Our kids went to the same preschool, we gossip and share business information, and we’ve gotten into it on more than one occasion. But, we’ve always been cordial if not close. We get each other since we are both displaced southern Californians.

So, I was pretty damn happy to see her and hadn’t seen her since her husband died. She wasn’t sad or angry – she was normal. We talked about that. She had me frame some prints, and we discussed this portrait I took of her back in 2001. She was asking if I was going to put that portrait in my office. I mentioned that I felt awkward with her husband having recently died and all but I did want to do that. In fact she was flirty in that way she was sometimes. A real nice visit.

So, we just hung out for a while and when she left, we gave each other a long, caring, warm embrace. It was pleasant.

Now, I’m definitely not religious and do not believe in the afterlife, or spirits or any shit like that. But, here’s the rub: this friend died this past summer. Dang, huh?

Even though I’m not a ghost chaser, I do consider dreams of visits with the dead as visits, my grandmother and my uncle (offering hugs and advice) especially.