MVT in the Place to Be

A couple of days ago we were coming back from an evening walk when I noticed that one of our neighbors, "Jean," had left her headlights on. It struck me as odd given that there was plenty of daylight out and she's not the type to do this sort of thing. She's always so efficient and professional.

So I dropped by her home to tell her that her lights were on. She was baffled. So baffled. Totally baffled! Her expression put me to mind of someone suffering some sort of brain lapse or something a la TGA where short term processing is diminished because her reaction would have been the same if I were soliciting blood door-to-door...in Chinese...Min dialect. But she went out and shut her headlights off as you can see in the photograph above.*

So last night, we were all peeking out into the street because a police car was parked in the road and through a series of covert thumb communications between neighbors we learned that "Jean's" car had been...wait for it...STOLEN!


Who steals what looks to be (or have been) an early 1990's Toyota Corolla? It's a commuter bucket at best (or, was). Parts? Maybe. Kids? Probably. Maybe she leaves the car unlocked or something. I would.

So, big whoop. Cars are stolen all the time, every day, everywhere. But this was Big News here in the pampered land of Kent. Funny, huh? First I was considering that maybe she left the keys in the car because, heck and after all, she left her lights on the night before. Then someone in my household who is not surprisingly much smarter than I, yet quite surprisingly more street savvy suggested that, hey, maybe someone tampering with the car previously had left the lights on because "Jean" is not the type to do this sort of thing.

Good point!
Car thieves - 1
"Jean" - 0
* The photo above may be the very last photograph in which that car appears.