Backings and Forthings From the Emailings: Ars Moriendi

From the emailings: Congrats on getting the pieces chosen for your show! I am sure it will be well received! And really, Chloe's seems like a good venue and audience for the pieces you've selected. Way to go.
Ty Hardaway: It's a practice exhibit for me. A favor really. I was asked to hang but after the management change I thought I was off the hook to actually do it. But I was reminded that, indeed, my month is coming up.

I've picked five images from two important collections (largely selected by Sistine); split in half for both sides of the room. Ten pieces. And classic me, I won't even be in town the first week and a half that it's up.
From the emailings: Terrific. Will there be a guest book for folks to sign/write in? Keep it, so you can include their comments in your (auto)biography's chapter about the exhibit...
Ty Hardaway: Ha! No, I'm not doing guest book. This is a practical matter. I'm not doing this in search of getting an feedback. It's not an art school jury. For me, exhibitions are like the newspaper - yesterday's news. Cognitively I'm in a different space by the time things are selected, printed, framed, and put on a wall. So comments aren't important in this case.

I won't do an artist statement. What the hell would I write? I'm not in the business to tell people how to view my work or, for that matter, who I am (like I know). I like that people can create their own stories about what I've presented. Or, even better, it it leaves them baffled, I'm happy.

I won't price the individual pieces or the collection either. It's not an exhibition of unrelated pieces or an starving artist sale. It's one piece of work to look at. If someone really wanted to buy it (all ten pieces as a set that I would hang properly for them somewhere), they would figure out how to find me.

I am not doing a reception or post cards. I couldn't stand around and look at people not looking at my work and trying to talk to me about stuff I don't care about. I'm not inviting anyone to see my work in a coffee shop. Again, it's a practice thing for me to get into the mechanics of plan-print-frame-hang. Print-frame-hang. This is our future.

I think I'm calling the exhibit: "ars moriendi" by

The new album, as it turns out, is also titled "ars moriendi." This is all the summer 2010 project; the exhibit and the album: "ars moriendi" by

Next live exhibit will probably be images from "An Historical Record" at some point. Shit, I'm considering working from here out as Mr. Julius Tyrone (MJT).