MC Julius Hookhand's System Reset Day

I. Recently I witnessed tiny pieces of my once living body flush down a toilet: blood on a tissue, toe nails, hair, and probably enough other sloughed fragments to perform a proper DNA analysis.

II. I realized for the very first time that what I was witnessing was the sum of existence; finally the apropos metaphor.

III. We create, as a species, to destroy; to make to waste. We build up only to tear down.

IV. We build our realities only to tear down our truths. Thus, there comes a threshold where the fundamental elements of an existence hidden from the rest of the world comprises the majority component of a being.

V. Like a non-digitized virtual reality. No truths, no realities. What is real in the the mind, we discover, is the purest and most salient of all realities.

VI. And so here I live nearing 95% anti-social with a preference to be doing 95% anything else but hell-bound to and by A Duty To Society.

VII. There are times to shirk. When the time arrives. There are times for work.

VIII. End Times as the end of time.