So on February 2, 2009 I had a TGA. It's well documented that this happened to me so I won't bore you with details. As traumatic as this may or may not have been to me and those close to me it did not compare to something that happened to a very dear friend of mine on the very same day, at the very same time.

In the hour just before my TGA, I had attended an emergency board of directors meeting. One of the few other people attending that meeting in person (others joined via conference call) was my friend and dear colleague, Jane. Jane was what you could describe as my soul mate on that particular board. We were often synced in opinion and temperament; often strategizing behind the scenes to present a unified front.

Now, here's something that not many people know but at the very same time, on the very same day I was having my TGA, coincidentally, Jane was having a massive stroke. Weird, huh? This is something that I have never taken lightly. Jane and I were weirdly (and forever) linked in a manner that challenges many notions of fate (FTE #3, perhaps).

Jane, being a few years older and suffering a more serious episode than I, was hospitalized for a long time and went to rehab afterwards. Me? I was released the next day and barely broke stride in my long history of antics, mayhem, and ruckus. Sure, it was a somewhat difficult time for me and it took me some time to get back to normal, but I did. You'll not hear this often, but I am normal.

I just learned that Jane died on Saturday. I haven't been this upset about a death in a very long time. I hope that I can continue living in a manner that would continue to make Jane proud and giggly.