Quiet Lonely World V/V


From New Orleans:

Artificial overly-grinning floating torso
Curious about how it relates back
to them

Local flavor yawning over wonders
Acted anew by visitors with notions
about here

Gaping staggeringly blind
About self and about life
and love

Observations include lessons
Learned through the details
closely captured

So much the same behaviors
Personalities distilled into one
black mass

"The poetry exhibited, particularly, in the Middlespace Live and The Rhinosnort Highway Web logs (and sprinkled throughout the Internet) demonstrate a prophetic angst balanced (or juxtaposed) against his self-described 'future-gifting' abilities. The plethora of pieces may be where Mr. Hardaway's specific bleeding of personal emotions is most raw, opaque, and curiously "voice of a generation." Even more than in his stories or even in his music or podcasts, where we are either witness to or along for a joy ride, the poems are the bullets in the gun."

- Famous New York Magazine, blah-blah-blah