How Art Works

Not that your or I didn't realize this already, but I believe I've just cognitively conceptualized How Art Works.

Sure there are a few rare geniuses who can function completely within themselves and within their own minds. That's great and all and I totally understand how that could work but most art, I'd argue, requires a level of stimulation. That is certain places, events, accidents, and people cue the brain to do certain things. It's random and it chaotic but this is How Art Works. At least for me.

Just this morning I've decided do a piece that I hope to finish in a few hours because a talented art hero of mine sent this note to me (yes, he used a typewriter):

Thanks for making that video and saying and sharing the things you shared. It makes me feel better that at least one other person feels similar about things and "art" or whatever it is that you and I are "obsessed" with! Very inspiring, in fact I (we, [fiancee] and I) watched it twice. Don't stop what you're doing and of course I won't.



PS: Maybe we should collaborate on something, involving sound + image - ?? (via filesharing, etc.)
How can one not capitalize on this sort of 8-ball of inspiration-adreniline? You'd be severely remiss or addled. So, I'm going down into the lab now to do a thing because "J" was so gracious with his compliment and suggestion.

I cry tears of diamonds upon my own shoulders upon reflection of what this all means to me.


This video: [clicky]