Ronnie Brown (Sunday Worship)

In my dream last I went to visit my grandmother's at her old near-poverty apartment in California. The dream was set in the present even though she's been dead for almost 16 years - I have these occasional dream "visits." I pulled my new Acura TL into one of the visitor spots and prayed that nobody would steal or otherwise fuck with my new, cool, and expensive driving car. Even though there was plenty of money in my dream life now, my grandmother refused to sever her roots by moving from this low class apartment complex where I spent seven years of my life (5th-12th grad). My fancy car stuck out like a new $20 bill pressed into a pile of dogshit.

Anyway, I never got to see my grandmother because I got distracted then woke up. I parked next to some beat-up old taxi cab and noticed an unforgettable phrase on the door, "New Colored Cab, just as cool - no 'hustle'." Fucking classic genius, right? Then I noticed the name of the independent proprietor: Ronnie Brown. In my dream, I had known a Ronnie Brown from high school (not in real life though). Nice guy, smart but not the achieving type, the kind of guy that floated between cliques like my real life analogy Anthony Williams (one of the handful of black kids at my schools). I looked up and saw a guy with dreads and bo-ho clothing walking away from the car and just knew it was Ronnie. It was. Same Ronnie + 25 years. You know that feeling where they look the same but weirdly aged and about 30 pounds heavier? Same here.

I went and talked with him but I don't remember many of the details; small talk, old times. The point is the image of New Colored Cab stuck with me when everything else from this dream faded.

So while I can remember, I cobbled up kind of what that cab sort of looked like here:

main image from design your own taxi logo thing: [clicky]