Police Decorated for Not Beating Annoying White Kids - World Insists on Beatings as Parents Cringe in Embarassment

Watch or listen to the piece below before you read past the double-dashed line. But before you watch or listen, do me a huge favor and think of this as a high art piece. Consider it either a performance piece or a Rob Reiner mockumentary. Please do that for me first.

OK, watch. I'll wait... No, seriously. Watch all of it.


OK. I know everyone has posted this video and have opined and pulled opinionated comments [clicky] [clicky]. I realize that. I know, alright, I know. But it is priceless and it makes me feel so ALIVE!

I so love this with all the passion of all my soul. Seriously. I wouldn't lie to you. Everything about it. And I get it too. I went to UC Santa Cruz. I've seen the Berkeley tree sitters with my own two eyes and smelled them with my own two nostrils. I lived in Bush's DC.

But, other than those Berkeley tree sitters chumps, this is the very best of what America has to offer. The terrorists have won! The terrorists have already won!

And we've got such robust, unreal, motivated characters: There's Mr. Democratic Consensus, Ms. Double Peace Sign, and Blonde Marley. Fuck! How the security and police have so much restraint with students (white kids), I’ll never know. Ever.

It really should’ve been totally Rodney King and Nancy Kerrigan, if you ask me. All, "Whhhyyyyyyy???!!!!" *CRACK!!* "WHHHHYYYYYY???!!!!" *BIFF!!* Remember I was the guy at the Berkeley thing shouting, "Shoot 'em down! Cut the tree down!"

I love when the big, black security man gets his go-ahead and just walks in through their "barricade." Camera dude's all, "excuse me."

Watch the video again. This time remember these babies are actually serious.
"Who's going to facilitate?"