The Great Depression of 2008 is So American! [5]

So I walked to Starbucks to get some work done. Sometimes I enjoy being among the people when I'm working because of the inherent superiority I cast over the joint. I'm addicted to that feeling, OK?

Anyway, this so-called "joint" (when did I start using "joint"?) was fucking packed today. Don't know what that was about but people were having business meetings, moms playing mah-jong or some shit ("mahms"). Kids running around like they have no manners (cuz they don't). People camped the fuck out with laptops, and spreadsheets and shit. Annoying. I almost didn't stay. I mean what am I working on, anyhow? Getting more comments like these:
"Really? Ty, really? Come on, you've got to be better than this. Remember that now, people are reading."

"[this post]...was just long...pointless..WOT. can you please post something that shows you do belong...? look fwd to reading your next post...hopefully you will prove me wrong."
OK, that's not too bad, but what-evs, right? I mean, what do people want, Philip Roth? Walter Percy?

Anyway, I'm at the packed as hell Starbucks and I see some people leaving and I take their table with the usual small talk, blah-blah, get the fuck out, will 'ya?

I'm sitting there drinking my coffee and just beginning to unpack my shit. This woman starts walking my direction. I believed she was carrying her garbage to the trash can but she walked right up to me.

And says, "Hi. I have food allergies, do you want my bagel and cheese?"

I didn't know what to say. Was she just being nice, was she trying to poison me? Was it because...was it because I' Maybe I looked like I needed the food.

I mean I was wearing a "YALE" hoodie, pulling out a MacBook, and strapping on Bose QC2 headphones. I mean this could have gone horribly bad had I snapped, "Bitch, what?! Last time I took free cheese Reagan was president!"

So instead of frontin', I actually took it and ate it.

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